The Yaakov Balas Law Office offers a wide variety of legal services in several fields of expertise: family law and divorce matters, real estate law, criminal law, etc. Like in most other law offices, at the Yaakov Balas Law Office you can also be provided with representation services (litigation) in various courts, according to the matter being addressed in each case. Adv. Balas is vastly experienced and has taken care of thousands of cases in the field of divorce and family law. This includes appearing at family courts and rabbinical courts, making appeals in various legal instances, etc.

Has a divorce or alimony claim been filed against you? Has a restraining order been issued on you?

There are several circumstances where you may need professional assistance. In some cases the professional assistance must be the best possible, and even that isn't always enough. Family matters generally fall into this category – you need both professional assistance and emotional support.

At the Yaakov Balas Law Office specializing in divorce cases and family law, we realize that a divorce is not only a legal matter but also a process where emotional support is of utmost importance. Therefore we will provide you with all of the help you need: we will walk you through the process step by step, both professionally and emotionally. With us you will receive both types of support.

Adv. Balas is a highly experienced specialist in family law. Among his areas of expertise are:

• Preparing divorce, marriage and prenuptial agreements, property division agreements and cohabitation agreements. • Representing clients in family courts, rabbinical courts and appeal courts. • Alimony and execution. • Child custody and guardianship. • Real estate law and criminal law.

The role of a family attorney in the divorce process is based on several components

To understand the attorney's role and his importance in the divorce process, let us briefly examine some of the attorney's duties.

Selecting the correct venue and the right approach

The divorce process is long and difficult, both legally and emotionally. In Israel there are unique circumstances: couples deciding to go through a divorce must use both the rabbinical court and the family court. This makes the divorce process even more complicated. The rabbinical court and family court have parallel authority as far as alimony and property, which leads to the notorious "race of powers": a condition wherein each of the parties tries to file the claim first at the court where they wish the case to be heard. It is therefore very important to seek the advice of a divorce attorney so that you know where you should file your claim, based on the specific details of each case.

Providing advice before the process begins

By consulting with Adv. Yaakov Balas who specializes in family law and divorce, you can be provided with assistance not only after the divorce process has begun, but even when you are still debating whether you should file for divorce. By seeing a family attorney even before you file for divorce and inform your spouse, you can be assisted in planning the best strategy that's most suitable for you and in collecting evidence and material that will help you in the divorce process.

Making sure you are not alone

Family attorney Yaakov Balas will prepare you for filing the divorce claim and assist you in understating the process and the bureaucracy with which you will have to deal.

In the course of the divorce process which can be difficult, complicated and lengthy, the attorney serves in most cases as a person who supports, defends and provides advice. He can even be likened to a psychologist. Therefore, you should choose to go with divorce attorney Yaakov Balas: he is the one who can give you a sense of confidence, and the one who can plan a strategy that will best serve your interests.

Maintaining a sensible approach even when emotion is in control

Beyond the professional aspect of divorce, there is also the emotional aspect where the lawyer has a very important role – to serve as the logical mind in a highly emotional process.

Divorce is something that everyone would like avoid, although not everyone succeeds. When it happens it happens, and one should tackle the matter intelligently and effectively. A divorce is the result of an emotional process. Sometimes it is the result of an emotion that existed once but has now disappeared – in this case, the love that has led to the couple's marriage is no longer there and the partners decide to divorce each other. In other cases love is replaced – through a mysterious process that can be understandable as well – by hate, and then divorce is inevitable.

Emotion plays a central part in the internal debates leading to the decision to get a divorce. Although it can seem difficult, once the decision to divorce one's partner has been made, you should lay your emotions aside and approach the process with a clear mind, logical attitude and utilitarian point of view. The decision to get a divorce leads to a long series of additional decisions that must be made concerning various matters that arise during the process. Such matters as property distribution, child custody (if there are any children), alimony and many other matters – big or small – that are related to the process and require you to make decisions that are not simple. The process can take a while and various delays can occur.

Making it easier for the children and shortening the process as much as possible

In order to shorten the process, make the right decisions, and incur as little damage as possible from this painful event, one must choose an effective and logical approach that overcomes emotion and leads to the correct decisions. The divorce process is more difficult when children are involved. When this is the case, it is important to keep in mind that their wellbeing is above anything else, and therefore the couple should strive for a short and effective process. For the children's sake, they should try to reach an agreement when possible, and when compromise is impossible, children must be left out of all arguments.

To ensure an effective and logical divorce process, you must choose a good attorney who can take care of everything professionally. A good attorney provides two important advantages. First, of course, is his knowledge and experience in anything that relates to the divorce process – familiarity with the law, the procedures and the different proceedings. The second advantage is no less important than the first, and perhaps even more – the attorney is not burdened with the emotional charge that the client brings to the divorce process. The fact that the divorce attorney approaches the case without the emotional history that the couple has is what allows him to act effectively and optimally in a way that will provide the client with the desired results.

In summary

The attorney can assist his clients in the moments prior to and after the decision to get a divorce. Together they can ensure this painful and unpleasant process that we all want to avoid comes to an end quickly, effectively and successfully.

In order to be provided with preliminary advice from divorce attorney Yaakov Balas, please call: 072-3931041.